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Adult Learner Week

CAN-U learners and staff all boarded a bus for Adult Learner Week celebrations in Halifax on April 5.

The bus left Amherst at 9am. The students were excited but I don’t think any of them knew what the day had in store for them. As we got closer to Halifax, you could feel the anticipation grow. Going over the Macdonald Bridge was a first for many.

Province House was our first stop where we were treated to a tour of the legislature. Many learners and staff were in awe of the historical building. Seeing century-old paintings and standing in the rooms where our country was built was amazing. We were given the opportunity to speak with our MLA and have our concerns acknowledged. It was a great opportunity as we sat in the gallery to see the house in session, and hear those same concerns addressed.

Next we went to the new public library. There we listened to learners from different parts of the province share their stories. A learner from CAN-U, Todd, gave a beautiful speech about his story and how adult education helped change his life. After hearing a few more incredible stories from learners we returned to Amherst. It was a unique day that gave everyone the opportunity to see how impactful education can be.

For Literacy Nova Scotia photos from the event, click here.

Click the arrows to see our own pictures of the day below.

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