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Happy New Year from everyone at CAN-U!

It is the time of year to reflect on the past and plan for your future. Do you goals include passing the GED or perhaps finding a job you like and are good at? Are you on the right path to achieving those goals?

CAN-U provides opportunities and support for adults wanting to change their lives.

You might want to consider CAN-U if you:

- want to review your current skills and make a plan to reach your goal

- need to prepare to pass the GED

- need help with interview skills or draft an attention-getting résumé

The CAN-U team will return from the holiday break January 2, 2018 and classes start on

January 3rd. CAN-U welcomes the opportunity to speak with you or meet to discuss the current CAN-U program offerings and how they may help you to reach your goal.

To arrange for a meeting or to register please contact us at:

Phone: (902) 661-0153



or drop by and visit us at 21 Acadia St. – 2nd floor, Amherst NS

(right above the library)

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