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ALP is designed for students who want to return to the classroom in order to prepare for high school completion at the NSCC, prepare for the GED, upgrade to find employment, or retool their skills for a promotion at their current job. 

Adult Learning Program

The GED is a set of five tests that, when passed, certify the test taker as having met high school level equivalency. Subjects include:

  • Language Arts: Writing

  • Language Arts: Reading

  • Science

  • Social studies

  • Mathematics

You prepare for and write one subject at a time, completing each computer-based test at NSCC Amherst. It is free to write, and you don’t need to rewrite any tests you have already passed.

For more information about writing the GED in Nova Scotia, click here.

General Educational Development
Math Club

Partner program to the GED, focusing on developing the math skills and knowledge required for success in the Math GED.

Dollars & $ense

Dollars and $ense will introduce you to a variety of topics to help you improve your understanding of financial and savings skills. Some topics covers are: 

  • Budgeting

  • Banking Basics

  • Online Banking

  • Mental Math for the real world


Physical literacy program. You will learn and practice skills to improve multiple aspects of your own individual health to allow you to succeed. A supportive team environment.

Whole Living

Thrive in your spare time. Learn new skills to enhance your life: cooking, fitness, art therapy, and more. Supportive group environment.

Digital Literacy

Are you feeling left out of the digital age?  Surfing the web, emailing, attachments, e-banking,  managing files, taking pictures, face booking,  skyping and on it goes. 

CAN-U has programs to help you navigate  the digital world. 

Think Jobs

Think Jobs is a compact employment focused program designed to guide you to identify the talents you have, upgrade the skills you need, and learn how to match your skills with employer job postings. You will have the opportunity to develop the new skills required to get the interview, secure the job and keep it!

Coping Skills

Identify how emotions and thoughts can affect your choices and behaviors. Learn mental health coping strategies and habits to support healthy thinking.

Focused Skill Development

Focused Skill Development provides individual support on specific topics to guide participants in reaching their goals.

Digital Content Creation

Content Creation will provide an opportunity for you to express your creativity using various technology tools online to create a unique piece of work designed and created by you.
Topics will include: YouTube videos, Podcasts, Short Films and Comic Design

Workshops/Certificate Programs

Some CAN-U programs integrate a number of workshops and training opportunities designed to help students gain the employment skills employers are looking for. Learners enrolled in these particular programs are automatically enrolled in these workshops.


CAN-U partners with qualified organizations and instructors to provide courses such as: 1st Aid/CPR, Mental Health First Aid, WHMIS, OHS, Violence in the Workplace, Food Hygiene, WorldHost Customer Service, Anger Management and many more.

As a learner in any other CAN-U program, you are eligible to earn these certificates free of charge - when space is available.

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