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Adult Learning Program

Designed to help adults develop a variety of essential skills needed to learn, live, and work in their communities. Adults enrolled in the program will be able to work toward a number of personal goals, which may include the following:

  • improving literacy, math, problem-solving, critical-thinking, & teamwork skills

  • acquiring the Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults

  • preparing to write the GED test to further employment opportunities

  • entering the workforce

  • preparing to enter a post-secondary institution

General Educational Development

The GED is a set of five tests that, when passed, certify the test taker as having met high school level equivalency. Subjects are:

  • Language Arts: Writing

  • Language Arts: Reading

  • Science

  • Social studies

  • Mathematics

You prepare for and write one subject at a time, completing each computer-based test at NSCC Amherst. It is free to write, and you don’t need to rewrite any tests you have already passed.

Learners registering for this program will be assessed on each subject to find out where they need instruction and practice. Learners then work independently and in a group environment with staff support to prepare for their chosen test. 

For more information about writing the GED in Nova Scotia, click here.

Focused Skill Development

In FSD, staff work with learners to:

  • identify barriers to success 

  • develop learning plans to target employment, academic, and life literacy goals

  • assist learners in navigating and accessing resources in the community and online

Content has included but is not limited to:

  • community engagement 

  • personal development 

  • understanding formal documents/agreements ie: tenancy, cell phones etc.

  • completion of forms – NSCC applications

  • employment search strategies, 

  • Improving math and writing skills

  • resume and cover letter development, 

  • making referrals to community resources, 

  • guided discussions to help learners process their experiences

  • test preparation strategies and study skills

  • targeted instruction in various areas of academics

  • other goals identified by the learner


CAN-U offers programming at other locations as needed in Cumberland County 

Previous sites include:

  • Maggie's Place Family Resource Centre - Amherst, NS

  • Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre - Springhill, NS

  • Pugwash and Area

  • Oxford and Area


Digital Tech
Technology and digital Literacy

This is a technology course for individuals with no technology experience to those with intermediate skills. You can work through the general technology skills program, "Northstar" or come with your own personal goal to learn. This program will have a hands-on instructor to help you every step of the way. topics include but are not limited to:

  • Computer and internet basics 

  • Microsoft Office

  • Social media and information literacy 

  • Google search and web browsing 

  • Setting up your personal laptop, tablet or cellphone

Workshops/Certificate Programs

Some CAN-U programs integrate a number of workshops and training opportunities designed to help students gain the employment skills employers are looking for. Learners enrolled in these particular programs are automatically enrolled in these workshops.


CAN-U partners with qualified organizations and instructors to provide courses such as: 1st Aid/CPR, Mental Health First Aid, WHMIS, OHS, Violence in the Workplace, Food Hygiene, WorldHost Customer Service, Anger Management and many more.

As a learner in any other CAN-U program, you are eligible to earn these certificates free of charge - when space is available.

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