First Aid and CPR

This week the CAN-U students participated in First Aid and CPR training. We try to offer our students as many FREE workshop as we can. Skills based training helps prepare students work and life. Let us know what workshop you'd like CAN-U to offer next!

Dollars and $ense

The Dollars and Sense Class would like to Thank Joanne Gibson and Matt Ellis from Amherst's Scotia Bank for coming to speak to them about credit. The class learned about what credit is, how to build it and why it is an important component of financial wellness. The class had an opportunity to ask all their credit related questions and discuss the best way to use credit cards. The Dollars and Sense program focuses on giving students the foundation they need to make informed financial decisions and today's talk was no different.

Is CAN-U open over March break?

The Answer is Yes! CAN-U offices will be open and there will be classes... with a little twist! All past, present and new students are welcome to participate in programming happening from March 18th to 22nd. GED prep and Math club will run as normal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We are also offering CPR and Emergency First Aid training among other unique lessons. Check out our flyer or send us a message for more information!

CAN-U students participate in focus group

Current and past CAN-U students came together this morning to provide feedback that will guide the organization as they strategize planning for current and future program opportunities. Big thanks to Holly Casey from ARC media for facilitating and Chantel Taylor, CAN-U board co-chair for taking notes.

Another GED exam passed!

The CAN-U team would like to congratulate one of our learners on passing his Social Studies GED exam. Well done! Can you... yes you can!!!

CAN-U Dollars & $ense class learns about buying and renting today!

Andrew Cameron, from Marshview Estates in Amherst NS spent his morning at CAN-U teaching students the process of buying a house. They learned about the pro's and con's of buying versus renting, what a realtor does and choosing the best house for your budget. They also learned how to get information from a house listing. The students enjoyed it learned a lot! Thank you Andrew!

CAN-U student achieves their GED!!

This CAN-U learner has shown perserverance and dedication to her studies over the past year. They successful wrote and completed all 5 GED subjects! She has plans to continue her education and learning journey to become a CCA. CAN-U wishes her all the best! Can you...yes you can!

Whole Living - CAN-U students get creative!

The CAN-U 'Whole Living' program finished today. During this 7 week unit learners created art as a means of self expression and stress relief. Each student wrote a narrative explaining what their picture means to them.

Are you interested in starting your own business?

Join CBDC, NS Works/CANSA and NSCC Cumberland for an information and networking session. ***Various dates and locations available. See poster for more information. ***Contact Brent Noiles at or Jonathan McClelland at for more information.

Perfect attendance....another reason to celebrate at CAN-U!

CAN-U likes to celebrate achievments. One way is by acknowleding students with 100% attendance each month with a certificate that goes on our 'Wall of Fame'. For the month of February we had 22 students with perfect attendance in 7 different programs. CAN-U... Yes You Can!!